October 25, 2012


Hey Everybody.
I’m in Ouaga for the moment for reasons beyond my control (thank you red tape), so I thought I would write you a note.
I realized the other day I have less than 5 weeks in village left. After all this time I’ve finally realized the end is coming… maybe too fast. Many of the rest of my weekends will be in Ouaga saying good-bye to friends, completing paperwork, and celebrating holidays (my birthday, Thanksgiving). That’s less than a month, really, in village. Enough time to wrap up one project and hang out with my people a few more times. Enough time to say good-bye is all.
They’re a bit of an emotional rollercoaster these begin-endings.
One day I am secretly wishing for chocolate and family/friends and that beloved airline ticket in my inbox. Maybe, I think, I’ll ask to leave early, other people are doing it.…  The next day I look at a picture or a landscape or a friend and I get all mushy. I remember I never get this experience again. Even if I come back to Burkina sometime, I never get it all back. Then I think: I can extend and spend some more time, maybe I should do a third year. But always I come back to the plan I made. I know that as I am leaving the family I’ve made here I get back to go back to the one I’ve always had in America. And I know they’re both a part of me.
OK, maybe you don’t care and just want me to come back ASAP. I get that. I’ve missed you all for these two years, too. And as my cousin put it ‘well, we have no attachment to those people, we just want you to come home.’ I’ll see you soon.
Until next time,  JK