June 17, 2012


A lot can happen in two years. My close ones have had a lot of very special events and things happen in their lives while I've been here: holidays, babies, moves, grad school... It is one of the hardest things I have had to "give up" to be here. Not the electricity, or the language, or even the food. It's the moments I've had to miss.

Words can't describe how full of happiness and pride and love for everybody I always am; equally they can't really describe how much it absolutely sucks to miss it (whatever it may be). Who knew that being physically present at other people's boring ceremonies was actually really important? Apparently some people already get that, but it's taken me being on another continent to really appreciate it. People have gone out of their way to include me as much as possible but it still just... hurts. Life is like that sometimes I guess. The bitter and the sweet, the happy and the sad... they go together.

All that being said one of my best friends got married today. I love you Emily Ruth! I know that as long as you kept those knees from locking and didn't stop breathing you made it out of there just fine. (And with a husband and everything.)

Val, Em, and myself back in the day
And never one to be forgotten, my friend 'Brina is also getting married any day now (if not already). I am thrilled to death Wade finally popped the question and you two are making a day of it :) Whit said that your bachelorette part was something to miss... I'm sorry I had to. I promise I will be there to see you (more than) soon!
Me an Brina in college

To everyone else whose big day(s) I've missed along the way, I'm sorry... and I can't wait to hear all about it when I get back (and to meet the new little ones that were born!). 

I love you guys!

PS I leave for Ghana tomorrow to meet my parents on Monday. Two weeks travelling with them until we come spend a week in my village. I am sure it'll be... an adventure! Bring it! :)