May 30, 2012

The AIDS mural... 5 months later

My mural is FINISHED.
It is not perfect.
But I am still super proud of it.

The whole wall

"An HIV positive woman who takes medicine during her pregnancy can avoid giving HIV to her child"

"Buy and use condoms"

May 03, 2012


So the last few weeks have been full of painting. The AIDS murals (there are actually 4 separate ones taking up the wall) are *almost* done. Aside from a few minor errors in my french I need to go back and correct, a tree I want to add, and some scrubbing of misplaced cement… I’m done!

So it would make sense to post lovely pictures here, but sadly I worked the entire day (literally) before I came into the capital and didn’t have time to charge my camera. I hope that I can get those pictures up pretty soon so you can see the whole thing! It’s not perfect but I’m really proud of it, and my villagers keep telling me that I’m good at drawing and should become a “mural painter”—apparently that’s a job?  Most importantly though, the mural has given me a lot of opportunities to talk to people in my village about HIV and AIDS. I have had over 10 good conversations with groups of villagers about how not to get AIDS while I was painting… and we haven’t even done the sensibilisations yet!

In other village news, 

May 01, 2012

JK's Burkina Faso Health Packing List

JK's Packing List (Health Development, Burkina Faso)

This is what I brought with some current thoughts added.