January 31, 2012

Stuff I Forget to Tell You

This one's for the people back home.
I’ve realized there is a lot I forget to tell you guys or that’s difficult for me to explain. I forget that many of the realities I deal with everyday make no sense to you, because I forget that they are not “normal” or thought of in Americaland. And, sometimes I just feel weird posting about the honest realities where anybody with internet access can read them.
Anyway, we’ll start here...

January 02, 2012

Sunburn and Poop

So this is what happened.

While I was in Ouaga I offhandedly realized I had to pick up next month's money from the poste (think bank). There were rumors of a devaluation of our money and I didn't want to be caught empty handed. Also, I was running low on funds. I had to squeeze it in before I went home. 

I walked in with my friend around 9 am. There was some confusion as to what we were supposed to do as usually you just walk up and see where to put your ID in the line on the counter. But after listening to someone explain, we took a number from the pull (which I had often thought silly before as no one used it) and sat down to wait. I saw I was 70. High, but it could be worse. Surely several other people had been in in the last hour. Ding! The number counter switched. To 1. Fourty-eight minutes, much cussing in English and one phone call to the PC money people later, we decided to leave... they were on 8.