December 22, 2011

Christmas Sub-Saharan

To be honest, I don't know too much about the specifics of what Christmas will be like because last year I didn't really "do" Christmas. I’d just gotten to my village less than two weeks before and I knew maybe 6 people. I didn’t know where the church was or what they were doing to celebrate and I didn't really know how to ask. I didn’t have presents for anyone, I wasn’t cold... it just didn't feel like Christmas. I missed stage and I missed home. I was scared. So I hid in my hut and pretended it wasn’t Christmas. The only person that came to see me was my neighbor, who wished me a "Joyeaux Noel" and invited me to hang out with his family. Which was really nice until he gave me a beer at 8 am, which I couldn’t refuse (I tried several times), and which I proceeded to throw up all over the courtyard. I said I was sick and went back to sleep. I maybe read a book and ate oatmeal. Not exactly the kind of holiday you write home about. But this year I made plans.

December 09, 2011

Mam Photo Ramba

(Just means "my pictures")
I have some time before I catch my bus to download photos for you all. Sadly I don't have any of my birthday fete in village (we ate a whole sheep!) because my camera died and I couldn't find the cord to charge it. Here are some of the best of the last few months (Tabaski, mid-service conference, and thanksgiving).

Feli carrying arround her baby sister
Somira and Talato (her aunt) preparing food for Tabaski 

Dressed up in his best clothes for the fete

December 01, 2011

A Good Cause

A group called From Daniel's Tears is partnering with Eternal Threads to bring you "Burkina Bracelets". These awesome green bracelets are made by girls in Nepal rescued from trafficking and all the proceeds from selling the bracelets goes to the orphans in Burkina.

$1 to provide income to the girls in Nepal
$2 goes to two different orphanages here in Burkina

Quite possibly, the BEST THREE DOLLARS you ever spent! 

You can buy one for yourself or a hundred for your friends, church, or group to sell. (From Daniel's Tears is working on a video that will aid in advocating for Burkina's orphans.)
To order send an email at or send an email to Cami at
(Taken from

I haven't been to the orphanage in Yako myself yet, but I hear awesome things about it from other volunteers. If you're looking for a little way you can help Burkina (and Nepal) this is an option.