April 22, 2011

Training and things

Ne ye zabre (Good evening), Or I guess Ne ye windyga (Good afternoon/day) in your neck of the woods!

I'm currently in a village in western Burkina for a few days of training. Yes, more training (and there will be more after this).  It's interesting to be in a totally new place. (They don't even speak Moore here; it's all Jula and a different local language, Sahn. I know NO Jula and obviously no Sahn. Not even one thing!) Though I'd rather be at site -- gosh do I miss it! I am safe and happy and getting in some down time with other volunteers. I'm excited that it's almost Easter, and I will be attempting to go to mass (entirely in sahn, of course!) Trying to see this all as yet another adventure. Please continue praying for Burkina and my work.
On the way in the back of a truck (and very dirty)