December 15, 2010

All good-byes are hellos

Leaving Koudougou is so different from arriving.
The ville (:city) where I've been living and training for the last two months is finally comfortable.
I know the waitress at the restraunt where I often eat lunch, and she knows I like extra sauce with my spagetti. I've been invited over to eat to for lunch with some neighbors close to the learning center, and I've made friends with their children (as far as I can figure, there are six, all girls). I no longer offend my host mom by using the wrong form of "you" in French, and I may actually get her to smile if I can say something in Moore.
Me and my host Mom
Yesterday, though, I took my map off the wall of my room and packed  my things back into their travel bags. (I missed having my sister there to make everything fit). I gave my host family a few parting gifts, thanks to my parents' care package, which they enjoyed immensely. Then we ate some fish-- which is a big deal in a landlocked country--and in the end I said I'd be back when I can to visit. I couldn't help giving my mom a hug as well as the Burkinabe appropriate handshake/kisses when I left. I have never been a fan of good-byes, and I have loved my time here with these people.

But I know it's time to move on, because I have a village just waiting for me.